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Our Vision

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Our Vision

Bayat Energy is an ambitious oil and gas exploration, development and production company focused on investing primarily in frontier markets with large exploration upside that have historically been underexplored and where we can build a significant presence. We also have an associated downstream capability which we feel is necessary in some markets in order to responsibly turn the resources into power for the communities in which we operate.

Building on our excellent capital base, high-caliber management team, and innovative international partnerships, our initial focus is the exploration and production of the large undiscovered oil and gas reserves in the northern provinces of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The Company's management has operated in Afghanistan for more than thirteen years and is able to utilize existing contacts and capabilities to capitalize on new opportunities in niche technical and business areas throughout the region leveraging on a proven track record of success.

Afghan Energy To Power Our Nation’s Future

Our aim is to help develop Afghanistan’s resources for the long-term benefit of the nation and the citizens.

Bayat Energy is not only focused on upstream opportunities. Recognizing the importance and need for mid-steam and downstream investment to help build Afghanistan, we have plans for investment in downstream gas-to-power generation capabilities that will revitalize Afghanistan’s gas fired economy in the north while providing electricity to power the nation’s economic development around the country, contingent on fields being developed as anticipated and establishment of a national gas price.

We believe Afghanistan’s gas bocks should be viewed as a critical Afghan national resource that may not only play a critical role in Central Asia’s gas supply structure, but also re-launch gas fired manufacturing and other industry in northern Afghanistan and provide fuel to generate electricity for the country.

Bayat Energy maximizes use of local personnel and specialists to build a highly motivated professional team to grow and develop the business by working within the local culture of the countries of operation. Bayat Energy merges western technical and management expertise with a deep understanding of local and regional politics and strong longstanding relationships with key stakeholders to maximize opportunities.